Online Poker – How to Find a Site That Doesn’t Cheat

Online Poker – How to Find a Site That Doesn’t Cheat

Online poker is a multi-billion dollar industry. Many people play for real money and it’s important to find a site that doesn’t cheat. A rigged game is no fun for anyone, especially serious poker players who make a living at the game.

Fortunately, online poker sites are highly regulated and your account information and funds are safe with strict regulations in place. Moreover, you’ll never be asked to deposit funds that you can’t afford to lose, which is important since a bad run in a poker tournament or cash game can easily devastate your bankroll.

There was a time when there was a stark contrast between live and online poker players. Live pros would shun the online game and complain that it wasn’t real poker. Today, however, most top players at all levels play both live and online poker. This overlap is largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has driven recreational and professional players into online platforms from traditional casinos and other live gaming venues.

In addition to the standard cash games, a number of online poker rooms feature large tournament prize pools and special events such as shootouts and high roller tables. These events can provide a huge payout for the top finishers. However, tournaments aren’t the most profitable format in terms of overall earnings, mainly because they’re top-heavy and require hundreds of players to be played in order to have any chance of winning the grand prize.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a poker site is the rake rate, which is the amount that the operator collects on each pot. It’s typically between 3 and 4.25%, which is pretty good compared to in-person poker rooms. It’s also worth looking for a poker room that offers rakeback deals, which can significantly increase the profitability of your playing time and help you break even.

While some online poker sites have been cheated by disgruntled employees, this type of activity is extremely rare. Most online poker sites have a large player base and a strong reputation, so it would be career suicide for an employee to tamper with the software in order to steal from the company. There are also many checks and balances in place, including top ranked poker players who regularly play at each site. If one of them smelled a rat, they could quickly expose the fraud.

Finally, it’s worth checking whether a poker site accepts your preferred payment methods. Most reputable sites have a wide variety of options available, including credit and debit cards, prepaid vouchers and web wallets. Using the right payment method will ensure that you can deposit your money quickly and securely at a poker site.